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towards better policymaking

The objective of the TRANSPARENCY
 CHALLENGE FOUNDATION is improving the transparency in the policymaking process by emphasising:
(1) The need for defining measurable objectives in the policymaking process.
(2) Effective realisation of these objectives.
(3) Verifiable and reliable justification of the realisation of the objectives.

The foundation wants to reach these goals by: (1) organising seminars and congresses, (2) publishing articles, (3) organising courses and workshops, and (4) disseminating the goals at seminars and congresses.

In 2013 a congress will be organised: Transparency in Policymaking, from Utopia to RealityDuring this congress politicians, statisticians, media and representatives of international organizations meet to discuss and draw conclusions on this subject. The result will consist of concrete answers to the questions of the conference and also its consequences, in terms of risk of failure (answer: Utopia) and challenges (answer: Reality).

From November 2012 until May 2013 workshops and courses will be given on transparency and measurabilty of objectives in local public policymaking. Moreovere, the workshops and courses will guide you to programs for the elections. The target group for the workshops and courses are political parties advertising the concept of transparency in policymaking. The workshops and courses will be held in Noordwijk. See the page in Dutch: Cursus opstellen programma voor de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in 2014. The courses may be given in English.

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